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Engaging teams in major change process

Case study background


This is Sophie. She’s a successful business unit manager of a young, entrepreneurial company that’s active in the healthcare industry.

She got the job a few months ago in order to lead a major transformation process within her business unit.

Sophie’s having problems establishing her authority with her new team. They’re pretty senior and resistant to the changes that she’s been asked to introduce. She’s found herself giving in to her tendency to help (and please) by fixing other people’s issues and she’s struggling to set a clear direction for her team. Despite her high level of personal investment, the change process is moving too slowly and that’s affecting her credibility with her boss and her team.

Coaching objective


Sophie needs to address her need to “fix things” for others and strengthen her ability to co-create solutions. This will allow her to engage her team to drive change within the deadline and regain her credibility with her boss.

Coaching in practice


  • Combine a Leadership Circle Profile 360° assessment , peer IVs and self-exploration to identify behavioural habits that may limit Sophie’s potential.

  • Identify and observe a situation in which Sophie felt the need to find solutions for others and explore alternative potential behaviours.

  • Reconnect with body language and start a generative physical practice of stability.

  • Experiment with active listening where Sophie shows presence and trust.

  • Develop and articulate conversational moments where Sophie can facilitate the process of co-creation.



After six months, Sophie has developed several techniques to challenge her natural tendency to “fix” issues.


She has developed a trusted relationship with her team, which has had a positive impact on the delivery of the transformation project. By changing her mindset and trusting that people can use their own resources, she’s been able to find more time for herself, her family and strategic projects. All this has improved her credibility with her boss and her own sense of balance.

Names have been changed to maintain client confidentiality

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