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Building resilience to stress and external pressure

Case study background


Meet Olivier. He’s the head nurse of the oncology department of a major university hospital.

In the past few months, Olivier’s performance has suffered due to his high anxiety levels and he’s having problems sleeping. His commitment to a “higher purpose of being of service” and his difficulty saying “no” have had a negative impact on his performance and physical health. He’s even started to reconsider what previously seemed like his ideal job.

Coaching objective

Olivier needs to increase his ability to balance energising and draining activities, rediscover balance in his life, and reconnect with moments of lightness.

Coaching in practice


  • Recognise the distinction between service and sacrifice and practice self-observation so Olivier develops his awareness of both in daily life.

  • Explore the emotion of guilt when saying “no” and challenge the “standards of life” related to this emotion.

  • Develop physical techniques for Olivier to relax and cultivate his peace of mind.

  • Decline some activities that drain Olivier’s energy and plan regular periods of time for him to “take care of himself”.



Olivier rediscovered the true meaning of his job and is now able to organise his activities in a much more balanced and meaningful way.


He’s not allowing feelings of guilt to overwhelm him and he is once again performing above the standards of his organisation.

Names have been changed to maintain client confidentiality

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