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Choose Your Impact

An individual online coaching journey designed to build resilience, focus energy and increase impact under pressure. 

Manu Henrard - Founder Ninedots

Your leadership challenge

Many of today's executives know the qualities they need to tackle the current crisis: serenity, presence, courage, commitment to a noble purpose and a high level of integrity and authenticity.

But figuring out how to embody those qualities, particularly under the current pressure is much more complicated.


Choose Your Impact is an 8 weeks individual coaching program designed to help leaders manage the current complexity by staying calm and present to what is truly important for them and aligning this with skilfull actions moment by moment.

The  objective is to enhance the leadership attitude that is currently required to navigate these crazy times .

The coaching is available in French and English.

Who is it for

For leaders who feel that the current crisis is an opportunity to reconsider how they lead and how they serve. 

For leaders whose stress levels are high and who would like to feel and inspire more serenity. For leaders open to challenge their leadership in order to increase their impact under pressure. For leaders who want to increase their performance in connection with meaning and wellbeing.

Real partner, Manu takes time to listen and understand the business environment and challenges. Real adviser, he never hesitates to challenge you. Always enthusiast, working with him is a real pleasure!
Timothy Manuel, Managing Director - Groupe Renault

Your coach

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Manu Henrard is an Executive Somatic coach. He founded Ninedots in 2010 with the personal ambition to combine meaningful productivity and inner peace. 


His current focus is one-on-one coaching for executives (C-level, VP, MD level and High potential staff) and running leadership development programs.

Manu offers a pragmatic approach to leadership development which enhances emotional, somatic and interpersonal intelligence for more productivity and satisfaction. In his coaching, he incorporates technics inspired by martial arts, social psychology, mindfulness and up-to-date neuroscientific research.

More about Manu on his personal website

What you will learn

Use your power as a source for good

This eight weeks programme consists of one introductory conversation and four individual leadership coaching sessions, separated by periods of intense practice. 

The programme will include the following components:


State what you want to be

Your programme starts by designing your leadership commitment. You learn to listen to yourself; reconnect with what you care about; create a meaningful declaration on intent and clarify the impact on your future leadership behaviours. This very personal commitment is your unique leadership purpose.

The result

Through an innovative coaching approach, you experience and inspire more serenity, you focus your energy wisely and you increase performance for all.

You learn to better lead through crisis, increase impact, balance conflicting priorities, and build resilience to the pressures of the current business environment.

The methodology

Manu’s somatic coaching approach goes far beyond traditional approach to coaching (mainly focused on conversation). It teaches how to use mind, emotion and body in service of the leader’s transformation.

Somatic coaching is a unique approach where concepts are introduced and then experienced through embodied practices; the result leads to sustainable transformation through new actions and behaviours that are more aligned with what you care about.

His way of developing the “person” helped me to work with more serenity in my day-to-day life and hence brought me to a higher level of management.
Valerie Pierre, COO Marketing & Operations Director - Microsoft Belux

Coaching details

Exclusivity & Price

The coaching programme involves 4 online sessions of 1.5 hours separated by periods of intense practices. It is intensive and it is designed for a limited number of senior executives, managers and entrepreneurs.

Pricing for the coaching programme (VAT Excl.):

  • For corporations: 1.850€ (corporate packages available)

  • For entrepreneurs & sole proprietors: 1.400€

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you'd like more information.


Sign up for this coaching programme and take your first steps towards exemplary leadership in time of crisis.

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